Traditional filters such as HEPA and MERV rated filters do not eliminate the bacteria, mold & viruses such as Coronavirus/Covid-19 & influenza that Ultraviolet Air & Surface Disinfection systems will destroy.

Covid-19/Coronavirus Disinfection has become a top priority for facilities to open and remain open.  LED Lighting Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems (UV-C or UVGI) for air, surfaces and water, protect your buildings, workers and visitors from germs, bacteria and viruses.  

Covid-19/Coronavirus particles are too small for HEPA and Merv rated filters to trap.  LED Lighting Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems can destroy all bacteria,  viruses, mold, VOCs and odors, ozone-free and without the use of chemicals.

HEPA Filters do not filter  particles smaller  than 0.3 microns.  Coronavirus is .11 microns, therefore the Covid-19 virus is not removed by traditional filters.

Covid-19 Sterilization
Fan Coil Unit UV-C Disinfection


  • Systems can destroy all bacteria, viruses, mold, VOC's and odors
  • Solutions for Surfaces, Air and Water
  • Fully Customized and Scalable Systems
  • No use of chemicals and ozone free
  • Improves HVAC system performance; lowers costs
  • Minimal maintenance required

Body Temperature Thermal Reader
Thermal Reader


  • No contact temperature measurements
  • PPE Face Mask Detection
  • Fully customizable entry detection criteria
  • Integrate to existing entry control or use stand-alone kiosk.
  • Video capture recording
  • Built-in storage for archiving
green-e certified