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Turn-key Lighting Projects

Our team will handle your project from start to finish. Not only will we get the job done on time but also on budget.


Lighting Services

We’ll provide the services you require including lighting audit, photometric design, 3D modeling and product specification.

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Because about 40%-60%* of the energy costs of office buildings and warehouses are from your lighting system, if your system is nearing 10 years or older, you have less efficient systems that are producing uneven or poor light and would benefit from a lighting retrofit.  Additionally, if you’re starting to see electrical ballast failures, then it’s definitely time to switch to LED lights.

As much as 50% of lighting energy savings can be achieved with lighting controls, so it’s crucial to use the right controls in the right locations.

(*Office Buildings: 43%; Warehouses: 60%; Grocery Stores: 18% – *Source: US Energy  Information Administration)

Furthermore, the proper Commercial LED Lighting system offers huge savings over traditional lighting.  It’s been shown to improve worker performance and satisfaction, patient comfort, student learning retention, and customer satisfaction.   Together with the proper controls you can control, predict and significantly improve safety, facility resources, and usage.

Our team  of energy auditors, energy consultants, financial consultants, lighting architects, project managers and electricians will handle your project’s details from initial energy audit and assessment, retrofit or replacement design & recommendations to installation.

What We DO

Turn-key lighting projects or any portion of the project you’d like us to handle.

Lighting Audit

Our Lighting Auditor will take a full inventory of your lighting system and controls including fixure types, mouthing heights, condition and wattage.

Photometric Design

Our Lighting Designer will prepare a photometric layout of your facility with your new fixtures and controls and will show the best light levels for your unique situations. 

Product Recommendations

Our product experts will provide a list of  replacement fixtures and controls to provide the best illumination for your unique facility and needs.

Rebate Administration

Our rebate team will calculate and process your available rebates and a check will be mailed directly to you.  Significantly, rebates on fixtures and controls can often pay for up to 80% of the project costs, while funds are available.

Project Management

Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated on your project’s progress.  Additionally, real time installation updates are available and you can view several projects at once on our project portal.


Our licensed and insured installation team will work around your schedule whether it’s nights, weekends or during the day.  We’ll be efficient, clean and courteous and will get your job completed on schedule.

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