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We’ll submit your electric and gas usage to over 75 suppliers to get you the lowest rate and best plan to save you money on your electric and gas supply costs.

  • Reverse Auctions
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  • Fixed, Variable, or Blended Pricing
  • Renewable Energy Options
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benefits of shopping supply rates

  1. Competitive Pricing: In deregulated electricity and gas markets customers have the choice to shop for electricity and gas supply from competing suppliers. This competition can result in lower prices for consumers.
  2. Plan Options: Shopping for electricity and gas supply allows consumers to choose from a variety of plan options, including fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, and renewable energy plans.
  3. Increased Control: By shopping for electricity and gas supply, consumers can have more control over the energy mix that powers their homes and businesses, including the proportion of renewable energy.
  4. Improved Customer Service: Shopping for electricity in Pennsylvania can also provide access to improved customer service, including more personalized support and billing options.

What we do…

LED Lighting Retrofits and Energy Efficiency projects done on time and on budget

LED Lighting & Controls

Save 50%-80% of your electricity cost & usage while improving your facility’s aesthetics, security & safety, light levels and the environment with LED lighting retrofit & controls.

Energy Procurement

Save on your electric and gas supply costs. We have more than 75 suppliers who will compete for your business. Lock in the lowest rate at the best term for optimum savings and budget certainty.

Building Management Systems

Access and control your facility’s Lighting, HVAC, Security, Occupancy and other major systems from your tablet or phone. Optimize your energy consumption & building functions with ease.


Keep your facility efficient, comfortable, safe and clean. Advanced UV air disinfection available to combat against Covid-19, the flu and airborne viruses.

EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). AC Charging (Level 2) and DC Fast Charging (DCFC) (Level 3) Stations.

Renewable Energy

Green-e Certified electric supply; rooftop and ground mounted solar arrays; net metering.