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Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Services save your business money while improving your facilities and your environment.

HVAC, Chillers, Refrigeration, V Disinfection


Keep your facility comfortable, safe and clean with energy efficiency HVAC, Chillers and Refrigeration .  Advanced UV air disinfection is available to combat Covid-19, the flu and airborne viruses.

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Building Management Systems

The newest BMS are much more advanced and easier to use than older systems and can incorporate your Lighting, HVAC, Security, Occupancy and more.

ChargePoint EV Charging Stations Philadelphia, West Chester, Harrisburg, South Jersey and Delaware

EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).  AC Charging (Level 2) and DC Fast Charging  (DCFC) (Level 3) Stations.

HVAC & Refrigeration

If you’ve got a rooftop HVAC unit in the 15 to 20-year old range, it’s probably time to replace it. These systems are out in the weather and can leak, letting in excessive cold or hot outside air. New ones are much more efficient. Taking into account degradation, a new unit can be up to twice as efficient as your old degraded units, cutting energy use in half. Many RTU manufacturers have begun incorporating energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) for pretreating outside air, savings energy and improving indoor air quality. Variable speed drives can cut fan energy in half during periods with light loads.

Boilers and Chillers

Boilers and chillers are large, expensive pieces of equipment, and need careful analysis. The useful life will vary depending on its design and use, but it’s probably in the 15-25 year range. Low efficiency indicators include spending money on parts and labor, downtime and higher energy bills. Large college campuses, for example, are finding savings by replacing aging steam systems with more efficient lower temperature hot water systems.

HVAC, Chillers, Refrigeration, V Disinfection

Steam chiller- any age

In the past, some facilities installed steam or hot water driven chillers that used natural gas and reduced peak electrical demand. These devices, called adsorption chillers, are inefficient. A modern electric chiller is 7 times more efficient than a steam chiller. Look into energy costs and why that chiller was put in in the first place. You may find savings with a replacement.



Cost of Solar Energy can be Offset by:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit 
  • 26% Federal Tax Deduction
  • Accelerated Depreciation – Depreciate 87.5% of the System in One Year
  • State & Utility funded Cash Rebates available
  • Savings on Peak Usage Demand rates


Many No-upfront Capital Financing Options Available

Our Engineer and Project Team will design, assist with financing and incentives and build a solar energy system to fit your specific budget and environmental goals.

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1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Documented reductions in carbon footprint in the form of reduced greenhouse gas emissions emitted from power generation resources.

2. Saving Water

Using solar energy also helps save water. Solar panel maintenance requires very little water while nuclear power plants need a lot for maintenance which leads to wasting water.

3. Saving Money

Your electricity bill will be lower because you will get most of your energy from the solar panels. The amount of money people save by using solar energy differs from one person to another and it largely depends on the heat and electricity usage as well as the size of the solar system.

4. Earning Money

If you produce extra electricity and export back the surplus energy to the grid, your supplier may even pay you! Of course, it all happens when your solar panel system is connected to the grid and your supplier has agreed to such an agreement with you.

5. Using Renewable Energy Source

Solar panels use sunlight. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that will not end anytime soon. So you can rest assured knowing you’ll probably never run out of fuel to supply your electricity needs.

6. Low Maintenance

Another good news is that solar panels not only have a low maintenance cost, but you need minimum effort for their maintenance. You don’t have to spend lots of time repairing or cleaning. Just make sure there is no debris or snow on the panels and you’re almost good to go! But don’t forget to set an appointment with an expert regularly for checking to see if the system is providing the maximum energy possible. There are also companies helping with the cleaning of the panels.

7. Improving Grid Security

When there are lots of solar panels spread across an area, the chances of blackouts are really low. These systems work as energy production centers for the grid which improves the grid security in case of overload or other cases that cause blackouts.

8. Creating Jobs

Among the advantages of solar energy, job creation is the one that has a great economic impact on society. An increase in the demand for solar systems has created different job opportunities relating to installing the systems, cleaning them, their maintenance, etc.

9. Different Applications

There are different things you can do with solar energy such as using it for generating electricity or heat. You can use them where there’s no electricity and you can even take advantage of them to power satellites in space.

10. Produce during high demands

It’s a known fact that from eleven am to four pm, the energy demand is higher than any other time. So, during this time the electricity price also increases to its maximum amount. The great news is that this time frame is also when solar energy production is at its maximum capacity.

11. Can be Installed Everywhere

You can place your solar system at any place where there’s sunshine. You can use these systems for places with no electricity to provide the necessary power for them.

12. Live Grid-Free

If your solar system is strong enough and can handle generating power enough for you to go on each day without facing any trouble, you can easily live grid free!

13. Store and Sell the Extra Power

By using batteries you can store the excess power produces by your solar panels to use them at night when there’s no sunlight for your panels to keep producing electricity.

14. Increasing the Value of your Property

When you install solar panels in your home, the value of your home increases.


Turn-key lighting projects or any portion of our commercial energy services you'd like us to handle.

Lighting Audit

Our Lighting Auditor will take a full inventory of your lighting system and controls including fixure types, mouthing heights, condition and wattage.

Photometric Design

Our Lighting Designer will prepare a photometric layout of your facility with your new fixtures and controls and will show the best light levels for your unique situations. 

Product Recommendations

Our product experts will provide a list of  replacement fixtures and controls to provide the best illumination for your unique facility and needs.

Rebate Administration

Our rebate team will calculate and process your available rebates and a check will be mailed directly to you.  Significantly, rebates on fixtures and controls can often pay for up to 80% of the project costs, while funds are available.

Project Management

Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated on your project's progress.  Additionally, real time installation updates are available and you can view several projects at once on our project portal.


Our licensed and insured installation team will work around your schedule whether it's nights, weekends or during the day.  We'll be efficient, clean and courteous and will get your job completed on schedule.

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