50%-75% Savings on Traditional Lighting

led lighting colorBecause of the technological improvements in Commercial LED Lighting in recent years and the falling prices of LED's, coupled with the tremendous cost savings realized by converting existing lighting systems to LED's,  companies are now planning "when", not "if" they'll upgrade their facilities to LED. 

Additionally, LED Lighting can improve visibility, atmosphere and mood; improve well being and increase productivity. 

We can provide all of our services for your entire project or just a selection of the services you need. 

Commercial & Industrial
warehouse led lighting
Office LED Lighting

A la Carte Services or Turn-key LED Lighting Project

We can provide a comprehensive lighting audit with retrofit or replacement recommendations from the supplier of your choice.  If you'd like to have your own team purchase and install the fixtures, lamps and controls, we can provide you with a complete shopping list of materials.

Lighting Audits & Design

Our Certified Lighting Auditor will perform a detailed and extensive audit of your current lighting system.  We'll then prepare a detailed Lighting Audit Report in the format of your choosing or for download.

Our Lighting Design Team will also make recommendations for retrofit or replacement options of the fixtures and lamps.  We're happy to recommend products from the manufacturer of your choice or use our own preferred picks.  We'll also recommended the addition of any controls like dimmers, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, and daylight sensors for daylight harvesting to reduce the burn hours of the proposed fixtures.

Financial Analysis

We'll prepare a detailed Return on Investment Analysis taking into account any rebates, tax incentives, environmental impact and financing options.

Rebate Administration

We'll assess the rebates and grants for which your project will qualify and take care of the application and review process with the respective utility or government branch.  

Project Management

With our proprietary LED Lighting Project Management software, we'll coordinate and track every stage of your poject, whether you'd like us to complete the project or you'd like to have your team complete the work.  Through our online portal you can see your project's progress in real time.


We offer nationwide installation by one of our experienced, licensed and insured installation teams.  A project foreman will be assigned to coordinate with the project manager to ensure a seamless installation process

Other Benefits of LED Lighting

Case Studies

These examples all represent cases where the lighting retrofit improvements were justified on the energy savings alone. The increases in productivity were unexpected additional benefits.

Pennsylvania Power & Light retrofitted the lighting system in a drafting room.  The retrofit cost was $8,362 and energy cost savings were $2,035 per year. In addition, absenteeism went down by 25 percent and the productivity rate increased 13.2 percent.

Boeing Aircraft Company retrofitted the lighting system in one of its manufacturing plants.  Not only did the company save 90 percent of the electricity costs for lighting, it experienced a 20 percent improvement in detecting imperfections.

Gardeners Supply replaced the luminaires in its warehouse and distribution center at a cost of $64,00 0 for materials and labor with energy savings of nearly 50 percent and a $15,000 utility rebate.  The initial investment was recovered in under six months. While lighting in remote warehouse areas could remain off during much of the day through the use of occupancy controls, lighting improvements in hazardous circulation zones helped improve safety. The brighter environment helped workers remain more alert, even on second shift.