Detailed Audit InputStart your lighting retrofit or replacement project with a professional lighting audit to ensure accurate and complete information.  Avoid the extra expenses and nightmares that result from incomplete or incorrect information.

After completing the lighting audit we'll give you complete retrofit, relamping or replacement options as well as a financial analysis showing your costs and savings.  We'll be happy to provide a turnkey project including supplying the materials, handling rebate administration, project management including real time access to progress and installation or we can provide you with a shopping list you can give to your own team to complete the project.  We're "supplier agnostic"  and can give you recommendations from the supplier of your choice and the report in the format of your choice.

Our Certified Lighting Auditor will perform a full facility audit and capture detail including:

  • Lighting Schedule
    • List of fixture types with details including:
      • Wattage
      • Color temp
      • Lens
      • Beam Angle
      • Reflectors
      • Rated Lumens
      • Rated Life
      • Dimming
      • Occupancy Sensors
      • Battery Back-up
      • Fixture count by property area and sub-area
      • Run Time annual hours of operation by area
      • Electrical issues
      • Aesthetic issues
      • Fixture & Lens Condition
  • Light Level Issues
  • Photos, audio/video
  • Controls
  • Labor and access considerations
  • Review for potential light harvesting
  • Ballast Analysis
  • Ceiling height
  • Fixture mounting height
  • Mounting conditions
  • Foot candle readings (WS/Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Light Level Analysis
  • Photometric Modeling
  • Fixture, Control and Equipment Recommendation
  • Multi-solution (Relamp, Retrofit, or Replace) Proposals including Payback, ROI & Project Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • State of the art products from world class manufacturers
Detailed Floor Plan
detailed audit report
Detailed Room Audit