Lumens as a Subscription is a Subscription Agreement that includes new lighting supply system, installation and maintenance for the term of the agreement.

Financial & Operational Advantages

  • The agreement is a Subscription Agreement, an operating expense, and off balance sheet.
  • The monthly payment for the Subscription Agreement is funded by savings created from the energy, maintenance, and HVAC
    savings created by the LED lighting delivering neutral to positive cash flow for most facilities.
  • The opportunity to convert to purchase is available at each 12 month anniversary date.
  • No capital is needed up front.
  • Term: 10 Years, 2 Segments
  • Facilities can get the operational and safety benefits of new lighting without waiting for capital approval in years to come.
  • Companies are able to get all facilities upgraded because capital is not required.

End of Term Options

  1. Start a New Subscription Agreement with the latest LED Technology
  2. Extend the Subscription Agreement for an additional term at a reduced monthly cost. The Extension can include upgrading, relamping,
    maintenance visits, service, and parts.
  3. Customer takes responsibility for maintaining the system. Lighting company will abandon the lighting supply system in place.
LaaS Proposal