Retrofit Process

Retrofit Process

Data Collection:

Required information:

  • 12 months complete utility bills
  • Floor Plans; If unavailable, Emergency Exit plans are typically available instead.
  • Lighting Project Information

Additional Information (Optional, but Ideal):

  • Lighting Plans
  • Lighting Types and Counts

Qualification:  The Lighting Retrofit process begins with a qualification using the collected data to determine if retrofit opportunities are significant enough to warrant a more detailed audit and/or further study.  It the project has adequate opportunities, then it can progress to the audit phase. Read More

Lighting Audit:  One of our certified Lighting Auditors will conduct a detailed, investment grade on-site facility lighting audit.  The cost of the audit will be applied to the total project cost should the customer move forward with the project.  We can also perform the lighting audit on its own and not part of a turnkey retrofit project if the customer would like to use their own labor and materials.  Read More

Lighting Design: Our Lighting Architect will consider current infrastructure, system age, design intent, faulty lighting, and overall illumination and determine what the best LED-lights and lighting controls would be for the facility.   The design provides customers the opportunity to
determine what is most important in the transition. For example, is achieving the greatest amount of savings top priority or improvement
of illumination with typical savings.  Multiple cosmetic options or even a complete redesigned lighting is available. Our design can work with
the customer's specific requirements to accomplish the look and feel they most desire.  Designs include:

  • Photometric Modeling
  • Fixture, Control and Equipment Recommendation
  • Multi-solution (Relamp, Retrofit, or Replace) Proposals including Payback, ROI & Project Life cycle Cost Analysis

Financial Analysis: We'll prepare a detailed Return on Investment Analysis taking into account any rebates, tax incentives, environmental impact and financing options.

Implementation:  Once the project is finalized and accepted, 50% deposit is required and materials & equipment will be ordered and installation dates will be established.  Normal delivery of fixtures is 3-5 weeks.

Rebate Administration: We'll handle the application and review process with your local utility and the rebate check will be mailed to you directly.

Project Management:  The customer will be assigned a Project Manager who will be their primary point of contact for the duration of the project and will keep them apprised of project progress and status.  Project Managers will collaborate with you on timing of the project and hours of operations. They will also provide continuous feedback through the process. Project managers are entrusted to oversee staff, safety plans, appropriate disposal of equipment and bulbs, any project changes, and ultimately a quality implementation.

Installation and Onsite Oversight.  Installation is by one of our teams of licensed and experienced electricians.  Installation will generally begin 3-4 weeks after contract signing and proceed for the next 1-2 weeks.  The PM will maintain constant communication between the customer and our electricians, providing continuous updates as they become available. Should any issues arise the PM to promptly get all parties involved and swiftly remedy the situation.  Avalon will provide all supervision, labor, materials and equipment necessary to install new LED fixtures and controls (where applicable) at all contracted locations.

Warranty Support - Our state of the art fixtures and controls have a 5-20 year warranty, specified in the project proposal.


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