Roadway Light ID

NEMA Tags for Street Lights

NEMA wattage labels are used on street lighting fixtures to indicate the wattage of the lamp for maintenance purposes, with various colors showing what type the lamp uses.

A 250 Watt HPS NEMA wattage label.

Yellow sticker indicate the lamp is a sodium vapor lamp (HPS/LPS)

Blue sticker indicates the lamp is mercury vapor (MV)

Red sticker indicates the lamp is metal halide (MH)

A sticker that is half-red and half-white indicates a pulse start metal halide lamp (PSMH).

Green is also used on HPS units in Canada.

In addition to being colour-coded, newer NEMA stickers also state the lamp type abbreviation in the lower right-hand corner (e.g. HPS).

  • "3" sticker-35 watts (HPS/LPS)-Uncommon
  • "5" sticker-50/55 watts (HPS/LPS)-Uncommon
  • "7" sticker-70 watts (HPS/PSMH)-Common
  • "9" sticker-90 watts (LPS)-Uncommon
  • "10" sticker-100 watts (MV/HPS/PSMH)-Common
  • "13" sticker-135 watts (LPS)-Common
  • "15" sticker-150 watts (HPS/PSMH)-Common
  • "17" sticker-175 watts (MH/MV)-Common
  • "18" sticker-180 watts (LPS)-Common
  • "20" sticker-200 watts (HPS)-Common
  • "25" sticker-250 watts (MV/MH/HPS/PSMH)-Common
  • "31" sticker-310 watts (HPS)-Uncommon
  • "32" sticker-320 watts (PSMH)-Uncommon
  • "35" sticker-350 watts (PSMH)-Uncommon
  • "40" sticker-400 watts (MV/MH/HPS/PSMH)-Common
  • "70" sticker-700 watts (MV)-Uncommon
  • "75" sticker-750 watts (HPS/PSMH)-Uncommon
  • "X1" sticker-1000 watts (MV/HPS/MH/PSMH)-Common
  • "X5" sticker-1500 watts (MH)-Uncommon

A label with a PS before the MH (i.e. 17 PSMH) on a MH sticker indicates that the fixture utilizes the newer pulse start technology, which use different lamps than the older probe start technology.[1][2]

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