UV-C Disinfection

Facility Disinfection against germs, bacteria, viruses




  • Surfaces
  • Air
  • Water


  • Germs
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

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Facility Disinfection

Covid-19/Coronavirus Disinfection has become a top priority for facilities to open and remain open.  LED Lighting Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems (UV-C or UVGI) for air, surfaces and water, protect your buildings, workers and visitors from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Covid-19/Coronavirus particles are too small for HEPA and Merv rated filters to trap.  LED Lighting Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems can destroy all bacteria,  viruses, mold, VOCs and odors, ozone-free and without the use of chemicals.


Wall Unit Air Disinfection
UVC Antigermicidal 2x4 LED Flat Panel
UVC Air & Surface Disinfection

HEPA Filters do not filter  particles smaller  than 0.3 microns.  Coronavirus is .11 microns, therefore the Covid-19 virus is not removed by traditional filters.


  • Systems can destroy all bacteria, viruses, mold, VOC’s and odors
  • Solutions for Surfaces, Air and Water
  • Fully Customized and Scalable Systems
  • No use of chemicals and ozone free
  • Improves HVAC system performance; lowers costs



LED Lighting Retrofits and Energy Efficiency projects done on time and on budget

LED Lighting & Controls

Save 50%-80% of your electricity cost & usage while improving your facility’s aesthetics, security & safety, light levels and the environment with LED lighting retrofit & controls.

Energy Procurement

Save on your electric and gas supply costs.  We have more than 75 suppliers who will compete for your business.  Lock in the lowest rate at the best term for optimum savings and budget certainty.

Building Management Systems

Access and control your facility’s Lighting, HVAC, Security, Occupancy and other major systems from your tablet or phone.  Optimize your energy consumption & building functions with ease.