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Commercial Lighting & Controls Philadelphia NJ areas

LED Lighting & Controls

First of all, save 50-75% on your lighting costs with state of the art LED Lighting and Controls. At the same time, you can improve your facility’s function, decor, appearance, comfort, safety, and illumination. Furthermore, rebates & tax incentives make upgrading more affordable than ever.

Building Management Systems BMS Philadelphia Harrisburg area Avalon Energy Lighting Retrofit

Building Management Systems

The newest BMS are much more advanced and easier to use than older systems. Additionally, newer systems can tie together your Lighting, HVAC, Security, Occupancy, Asset Tracking System and more.

Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Philadelphia NJ areas

HVAC & Refrigeration

Most importantly, your HVAC system keeps your facility and its occupants comfortable, safe and clean. However, just as important is the efficiency, cost and safety of your HVAC, Chillers and Refrigeration systems. Also, advanced UV air disinfection is now available to disinfect Covid-19, the flu and airborne viruses. On top of that, rebates and tax incentives increase your savings.


Above all, your building’s lighting systems are critically tied to your customer, employee, patient and student comfort and health. Additionally, your lighting and controls are tied to how well your business functions. Moreover, it is also your tied to employee’s productivity. Especially with today’s high energy costs, now is the time to take advantage of the high cash

rebates and tax incentives that make upgrading your lighting and controls more affordable than every before. Additionally, new and improved technologies maximize the benefits to your entire organization with better mood, appearance, illumination and health as well.




energy efficiency LED Lighting Retrofit Philadelphia West Chester Pennsylvania York Harrisburg
Lighting for Hospitality and hotels in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
energy efficiency LED Lighting Retrofit Philadelphia West Chester Pennsylvania York Harrisburg

Commercial Real Estate

Industrial Warehouses


Lighting for Government Buildings


LED Lighting for Hospitality and hotels in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware


LED Lighting for health care and nursing homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

Health Care

LED Lighting for Charter Schools, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education


LED Lighting for Assisted Living, Rehabilitation and Nursing Homes

Assisted Living

LED Lighting for Gymnasiums, Sports Complexes, Stadiums and Ice Rinks

Sports Centers


LiFi Light Fidelity

Light Fidelity

Get high speed secure internet through your lights. LiFi is highly suited for use by banks, schools, government, healthcare, hospitality and industry; anywhere where wireless connectivity is poor, unavailable or restricted.

LiFi Explained

As you can see in the video above, simply put, the idea behind LiFi is that light bulbs can provide data to devices. Just like radio frequencies, light has a spectrum and using that spectrum to deliver data means LiFi works whether the light is switched on, visible, or not.

LiFi Light Fidelity

Benefits of LiFi

  • Revolutionary Speed
  • Top-notch Efficiency
  • Increased Security
  • Enhanced Availability

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