LED Lighting Services

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Benefits of our LED-Lighting:

  • Energy Efficient; Saves 50% - 75% of current lighting use
  • Eliminates maintenance costs
  • Eligible for rebates and  tax incentives
  • Environmentally friendly with a smaller Carbon Footprint
  • Improved Illumination
  • Warm, Cool & Color Options available
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

LED Lighting Efficiency

Our world is increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in new construction and building upgrades. Good business is cost-conscious as well as environmentally responsible.  Today more than ever businesses are improving their bottom line by upgrading to LED-Lighting and Lighting Controls.  These improvements lead to lower energy costs & usage in addition to a smaller carbon footprint. In comparison to traditional lighting methods, LED-Lights also offer significant savings in energy cost, usage, lighting maintenance and carbon emissions.  


Our Services: Commercial LED Lighting Projects

We'll handle your LED Lighting project from start to finish.  Your Project Manager will be you point of contact and available to answer any questions you may have in the process and will also keep you fully apprised of progress.

To get an idea of how much you can save by upgrading or installing LED Lighting, our first step is to perform a Savings Assessment to estimate how much you're likely to save with the LED Installation.  We take into account your energy cost savings, maintenance cost savings, and HVAC savings in addition to all applicable rebates and incentives.

Contact us for a free, no obligation LED Lighting Savings Assessment.

LED Lighting Savings Assessment & Process

Professional Property Assessment & Lighting Audit:  We'll discuss your goals and budget and our Lighting Auditor will perform a full facility audit including:

  • Lighting Schedule
    • List of fixture types with details including:
      • Wattage
      • Color temp
      • Lens
      • Beam Angle
      • Reflectors
      • Rated Lumens
      • Rated Life
      • Dimming
      • Occupancy Sensors
      • Battery Back-up
      • Fixture count by property area and sub-area
      • Run Time annual hours of operation by area
      • Electrical issues
      • Aesthetic issues
      • Fixture & Lens Condition
      • Light Level Issues
      • Photos, audio/video
      • Controls
      • Labor and access considerations
      • Review for potential light harvesting
      • Ballast Analysis
      • Ceiling height
      • Fixture mounting height
      • Mounting conditions
    • Foot candle readings (WS/Horizontal/Vertical)
    • Light Level Analysis
    • Photometric Modeling
    • Fixture, Control and Equipment Recommendation
    • Multi-solution (Relamp, Retrofit, or Replace) Proposals including Payback, ROI & Project Lifecycle Cost Analysis
    • State of the art products from world class manufacturers

Retrofit or Replacement Design: Our Lighting Architect will determine what the best LED-lights and lighting controls would be for your facility.

Financial Analysis: We'll prepare a detailed Return on Investment Analysis taking into account any rebates, tax incentives, environmental impact and financing options.

Rebate Administration: We'll handle the application and review process with your local utility and the rebate check will be mailed to you directly.

Project Management including real time updates.

Installation and Onsite Oversight.

Warranty Support - Fixtures and controls have a 5-20 year warranty.